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WPF Analog Clock

Download (6 KB) In this post I’ve included the full source for an analog Silverlight clock. Having only recently started to learn WPF, I am still very much a beginner but I’m offering this as a simple example for … Continue reading

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C# Automatic Properties

Having been happily typing out full property declarations for months, I’ve just stumbled upon Automatic Properties. Take the following example: We can re-write this class using automatic properties: Both classes are identical. In effect this is just syntactic sugar, we … Continue reading

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C# Code Review

The following is my own personal list of things to avoid in C#. I use this as a guide for my own code reviews. I’ll add points as and when I find them, feel free to make suggestions. 1 General … Continue reading

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C# Christmas Lights

Download (32 KB) Updated 3/Jan/11: Upgraded project to VS2010 and changed the images to be embedded resources This Christmas I decided to do a little festive coding. I remembered a program I had as a child that drew flashing … Continue reading

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Blob Colouring Algorithm

Download (47 KB) A few years ago I had to implement a blob colouring algorithm for a university assignment. Since I had some free time over the holidays I decided to try and recreate it in C#. The algorithms … Continue reading

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