C# Christmas Lights

Download ChristmasLights.zip (32 KB)

Updated 3/Jan/11: Upgraded project to VS2010 and changed the images to be embedded resources

This Christmas I decided to do a little festive coding. I remembered a program I had as a child that drew flashing Christmas lights across the top of the screen, and decided to recreate it in C#. Full source code is attached to this post.

The program support 3 different flashing sequences, each contained in its own class: FlashSequence, ColorSequence and AlternateSequence. Each sequence inherits from the abstract base class Sequence which makes it easy to add your own.

The only tricky part is knowing how to draw onto the desktop. It requires a couple of calls into the windows API. We start by creating signatures for the API calls:

private static extern IntPtr GetDC(IntPtr hwnd);
private static extern void ReleaseDC(IntPtr dc);

We then get a pointer to the desktop:

IntPtr desktopDC = GetDC(IntPtr.Zero);

Using this we retrieve a Graphics object:

Graphics g = Graphics.FromHdc(desktopDC);

It’s important to dispose of the pointer when finished to free resources:


The rest of the application is fairly straight-forward. Enjoy!

Thanks goes to Nick La for supplying the graphics:


Download ChristmasLights.zip (32 KB)

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