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Book Review – Head First Design Patterns

It is great to find a technical book that holds your attention, most tend to send me to sleep, which is why I was surprised when I started reading Head First Design Patterns from O’Reilly. The Head First series moves … Continue reading

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C# Cross-thread Operations

When you start creating multi-threaded applications in .NET you’ll soon attempt to update a form control from a thread other than the main program thread. If you do, you’ll run into this: InvalidOperationException: Cross-thread operation not valid: Control ‘xxx’ accessed … Continue reading

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Emailing using CDONTS and CDO

When setting up IIS you often need a quick way to check that the SMTP server is working. Depending on whether your server supports CDONTS or CDO, copy the code below into a .VBS file, amend the addresses and run! … Continue reading

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C# Extension Methods

Extension methods allow you to add new methods to existing classes without sub-classing them. Say we wanted a clean way to enforce a maximum string length of no more than 5 characters. We could write a Crop method and call … Continue reading

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