C# Behaviour-Based Line Following Robot

Download Rover.zip (42 KB)

This project came around from the desire to recreate a classroom assignment from university. At the time, we were using the Lego Mindstorms RCX 1.0 kit to build a two wheeled line following robot.

The principle involved mounting two light detectors at the front of the robot, and marking a path for it to following using dark tape on a white floor. When the left sensor detected the floor, the robot turned to the right. When the right sensor detected the floor, the robot turned to the the left. When both sensors detected the dark line the robot moved forward. Despite being such a simple design, it worked rather well.

This project lays the foundation for building your own behaviour-based (simulated) robot, and includes a working line following robot. I’ve used interfaces for the behaviours and sensors, and a behaviour stack to make the behaviours as versatile as possible.

Rover following the track

Think of this as a work-in-progress, I’m planning on adding a virtual sonar sensor and maybe have the robot try to map its environment.

Note: Use the arrow keys to change speed and direction.

Download Rover.zip (42 KB)

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