Dynamic Forms in C# (Part 2)

Download DynamicForm.zip (18 KB)

Hope everyone had a good Christmas break. I thought I’d start the year with an update to my previous post on dynamic forms. My intention is to keep extending this control over the course of the year, I’ve already started using it in other projects so with luck I’ll be motivated to keep developing it.

The change I’ve made today is the addition of a RequiredField attribute for string properties. This ties in to a new ErrorProvider object in the form that shows the standard error icon next to missing fields. Rather than use dialog boxes, I’ve decided to simply disable the “OK” button if the form has missing fields:

Full source code is available (C# VS2010):
Download DynamicForm.zip (18 KB)

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3 Responses to Dynamic Forms in C# (Part 2)

  1. hoangitk says:

    It’s very helpful!
    Good post!

  2. Chris Anders says:

    good work, can you implement more datatypes? And To Add own controls with Attribute

  3. Chris Anders says:

    i addet some extra features: Textarea, TitleAttribute

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