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Using Shapes as a Resource in WPF

This post covers how to re-use a collection of WPF shapes by combining them into a resource. Start by creating the drawing using Expression Blend. This example using a combination of Ellipses, Rectangles and Paths to create the rounded triangle: … Continue reading

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Sending Appointments to a BlackBerry

Sending a calendar appointment over the web is usually straight-forward. Most calendar applications understand the iCalendar format and will automatically import the appointment when an iCalendar file is opened (.ics is the common extension for iCalendar files on the Windows … Continue reading

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Griddy – WPF Grid Generator

Download (21 KB) Lately I’ve been using the very good (and free) Although it has a great variety of features, it doesn’t provide layout guides. To solve this problem I’ve created Griddy. Griddy generates an image of a … Continue reading

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