Windows Azure Emulator – Unavailable Ports

I tried launching the Windows Azure Emulator today and hit the follow error:

Role instances are taking longer than expected to start. Do you want to continue waiting?

It turns out that the emulator has trouble starting if any of the following ports are in use: 808, 12000, 12001, 12002, 15100 or 16001. Notice that 808 is normally bound to net.tcp. To get around this I opened the Binding Configuration for my Default Web Site and deleted the reference to 808 (I’ll put it back when I’m finished):

I find that IIS needs a little * encouragement* to pick-up changes, so I force a refresh from the command line. I’m using PowerShell but the standard Command window works just fine. Remember to run the console as Administrator:

Remember to set the Azure project as the startup project:

Further Reading:
Unavailable port in Windows Azure SDK 1.5

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