Building a Netduino Rover – Part 1

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Parts List

As a software developer with no electronics training, this project was daunting from the start. My aim was to create a mobile robotics platform, programmable using .NET and Visual Studio. The Netduino was a perfect choice since it’s the .NET cousin of the very popular Arduino, and is compatible with many of the Arduino shields.


Since my metal working skills don’t extend far beyond a keyring, I decided to invest in an off-the-shelf chassis from DFRobot for around ¬£25 (or $40). They can supply chassis’ and kits for any budget and any size of robot. I would strongly suggest you decide on a budget before visiting.

Here’s my parts list:
1 x Netduino
1 x Turtle 2WD Mobile Platform
2 x IR Distance Sensor (10-80cm)
1 x Sensor Shield
1 x 1A Motor Shield
1 x 9V Power Adapter (optional)



You can mount the Netduino to the chassis using the bronze mounting screws that came with the kit. The battery compartment is optional – I decided to use a 9V power adapter instead. The shields should be stackable, I have the Netduino at the bottom with the motor shield in the middle and the sensor shield on top. This arrangement made it easier to debug the sensors (especially since the connections were a little intermittent).

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