Building a Netduino Rover – Part 2

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Adding a Bumper

From the moment the wheels started turning it was clear I needed a bumper. With both motors on full power the rover can move rather fast. Thoughtfully the guys over at DFRobot included a bumper-shaped mounting bracket as part of the chassis kit.

I bought some foam profile channels (used for furniture packing) at a stationary shop, and a foam sheet from a crafts shop just to give it a nice black finish.


Using a scalpel, carefully cut the foam channel in half leaving you with a V shape. Wrap the foam sheet around the foam channel and cut to size so the foam channel is completely covered. Slide the bracket inside the V and secure everything together with some cable ties.


The bracket can then be mounted to the chassis using spare screws from the chassis kit. The bracket can be recovered and reused at any time by cutting the cable ties. Hopefully I won’t need the bumper once the range sensors are working.


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