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Keyboard Friendly TextBox

Building keyboard-friendly interfaces can be tricky. For screens with multiple fixed-length TextBoxes, users don’t want to constantly press the tab key to move from one TextBox to the next. In addition, when tabbing between TextBoxes it’s reasonable to assume that … Continue reading

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C# Custom ErrorProvider

Download ErrorProvider.zip (4 KB) In this weeks post I’ve extended the standard ErrorProvider class with a few features I find really handy: ClearError Method An overload for the SetError method, passing String.Empty as the value. Its always annoyed me that … Continue reading

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Dynamic Forms in C# (Part 2)

Download DynamicForm.zip (18 KB) Hope everyone had a good Christmas break. I thought I’d start the year with an update to my previous post on dynamic forms. My intention is to keep extending this control over the course of the … Continue reading

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Dynamic Forms in C#

Download DynamicForm.zip (18 KB) Seasons greetings and happy new year! I thought it was about time for an update. Todays post is a control I’m developing for creating simple forms dynamically. A form created dynamically from an object I found … Continue reading

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Handling SaveFileDialog with SaveDialogManager

Download SaveDialogManager.zip (19 KB) I hate re-inventing the wheel. If I find myself repeating code between projects I consider it a good time to build a component… so here it is, the SaveDialogManager class. The purpose is simple; to decide … Continue reading

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