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Wiki Markup Hyperlinks for WPF or HTML

This article shows an example of a Wiki-inspired markup for embedding hyperlinks in text – and how to render it as WPF and HTML. When building any kind of content management system, it’s a good idea to give users the … Continue reading

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WPF Expander HeaderTemplates – Don’t Forget The Binding!

Every time I customize an Expander in WPF using a HeaderTemplate, I make a critical mistake. I forget to set the binding for the header. Here’s a contrived example to demonstrate the problem – and the solution. Here’s what we’re … Continue reading

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Using Shapes as a Resource in WPF

This post covers how to re-use a collection of WPF shapes by combining them into a resource. Start by creating the drawing using Expression Blend. This example using a combination of Ellipses, Rectangles and Paths to create the rounded triangle: … Continue reading

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Griddy – WPF Grid Generator

Download Griddy.zip (21 KB) Lately I’ve been using the very good (and free) Paint.net. Although it has a great variety of features, it doesn’t provide layout guides. To solve this problem I’ve created Griddy. Griddy generates an image of a … Continue reading

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Custom ScrollBars in WPF

The following post contains a basic example of how to customise the WPF ScrollView scroll bars. The original XAML was built using Expression Blend, and has been further simplified for clarity. The resulting ScrollView looks like this: Firstly, the ScrollViewerControlTemplate … Continue reading

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